Founded in 1908, Hoshino Gakki Company started out in a period when Western music was still in its infancy in Japan. In the year and decades since then, a period of 115 years, we have kept step with Western music. But the road has certainly not been an easy one. It was a period characterized by war and a long trail of difficult trials and obstacles. That Hoshino was able to emerge today as a leading instrument maker is due in large measure to our customers, lovers of fine music and fine musical instruments who entrusted their hopes and dreams to us. It's also due to the many people in the industry who, in both material and immaterial ways, have given us their unstinting support over the years. We want to express our sincere thanks to all these people.

With the incredible variety of musical genres and forms now available, many new needs and demands have emerged in the area of musical instruments. In order to respond appropriately to those needs, Hoshino had to match up two totally different areas of technology: electronics with its quest for the newest sounds, and traditional instrument-making techniques, the crystallization of generations of sensitive craftsmanship. Today, Hoshino combines its 100 years of experience with a spirit of meeting future challenges as it dedicates itself to even greater efforts in research & development and product creation.



取締役会長 星野 義裕

Philosophy of Hoshino Gakki

Corporate Slogan

Contribute to music culture.

Attitude on Management

Creativity・Honesty・Growth of mind

Field of Business

Product of audio, visual and music creation.